SuessCo Simulations

Wordleading software for micromagnetic simulation.

About us

SuessCo Simulations was founded in 2007 by Prof. Dieter Suess and Prof. Thomas Schrefl with the aim to transfer leading edge scientific developments in numerical micromagnetics from academia to the industry to support the developement of innovative magnetic devices.

Having started with a strong focus on magnetic recording, our product range strongly evolved and now also covers simulation software for spintronics devices, hard magnetic materials, inverse problems and more.

We provide comprehensive support and are happy to extend our software to your needs. 

Our products


magnum.fe is our most recent and versatile product. Implementing all the leading edge algorithms introduced in our renowned finite-element software FEMME, magnum.fe adds a sophisticated Python interface that gives you full control over the simulation process.

One of the strengths of magnum.fe is the large number of models for the simulation of spintronics devices including a self-consistent diffusion model.


FEMME was the first product of SuessCo. It revolutionized finite-element simulations of magnetic recording and was involved in groundbreaking innovations such as exchange spring media for perpendicular recording.

FEMME was used for more than 200 scientific publications. It is used by leading companies in the harddisk industry.


Unleashing the power of modern GPUs, b4vex provides leading edge algorithms for hysteresis computations of massively sized hard magnets.

It aids research institutes and companies in finding next-generation hard-magnetic compound materials.